Yoga is an actually just a group of mental, physical and spiritual exercises, practices and disciplines which actually originated from the land of ancient India which is very surprising in fact. There is a lot of yoga schools that are present around the world and these yoga schools actually teach different types of yoga for beginners. The origins of yoga are actually a bit hard to pin point to since some say that the practice have originated back to the pre-VedicIndian traditions. There are currently two popular types of yoga and this is Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga. There have been plenty of studies that say and have tried to determine the actual effectiveness of the practice of Yoga and some have said that it is an intervention for cancer and other dangerous diseases. The results however of these studies however are mixed. Although it is still a good practice to get into since it eases the mind and the body altogether and can help a person be more relaxed and have a good time with their lives since it is known to reduce the stress of a person. There are a lot of persons out there that have gotten into the hobby and practice of yoga since they are able to meet new faces and meet new friends that have the same hobby as theirs. They are able to make social interaction with other persons as well as make some good exercise while the practice keeps on going. There have been a lot of good benefits that restorative yoga can give to a person such as giving them the access to a health body and mind at the same time. There have been a lot of persons that are constantly getting attracted to the practice and exercise of Yoga due to the things that they hear that the practice is good for their health. Yoga is known to reduce the stress of a person which is the main attraction of the practice. Imagine yourself going home from work very tired and you have extra time tomorrow then the good thing here is that after that long day at work you can go home and sleep and wake up the following day and do some relaxing yoga so all that stress around your mind and body would be gone in a short amount of time.